3 min readNov 10, 2021

Compete to earn, a new gaming paradigm

Play-to-earn has been the driving force of crypto gaming. Being able to earn money while playing a fun game is something only pro players could dream of before. But thanks to the blockchain revolution, this has become a reality for many.

However, it has become clearer by the day that this model is unsustainable. The main problem with the play-to-earn model is that money won in the game is too often not reinvested in it. People start taking this as a real job, and as long as new players are coming in money keeps flowing in. But, when growth slows down, money stops flowing in but keeps bleeding out of the game through the play to earn system. In this case, the whole economy of the game becomes at risk of an imminent collapse.

Some would even compare the play to earn model to a pyramid scheme. Although we do not subscribe to this vision. We do think however that relying on play to earn alone as the basis of our game economy is unsustainable. This is principally why many play to earn games have seen their daily rewards reduced drastically since their big growth phase.

Introducing, compete to earn!

How can we make the fabulous idea of play to earn be sustainable in the long term? This is the question that pushed us to imagine a new parallel system, the compete to earn system. In the compete to earn system players have to use some of their game assets as a fee to enter into different game modes.
They can buy temporary passes which lets them get into a competition with other players. The winners get to take the most loot, and part of the fee is then retained by the game and used as reward for the play to earn players.
There will also be different tiers of passes, depending on their price these passes will give access to higher rewards game mods and tournaments.

These parallel game modes are not obligatory, a player can be purely playing to earn or competing to earn. He can also mix both! Using the rewards he gets from the play to earn game modes in order to compete in the competitive modes. By using this system we ensure that a portion of the money is injected into the game by competitive players, and this in its turn ensures the longevity of the play to earn model.

Introducing, the Coliseum!

The Coliseum is our first game mode that follows the compete to earn model.
In this game mode seven players join their whole card collections to form a mega collection. Each one of them then drafts a deck from this mega collection in the standard drafting format:

  • Take a number of cards randomly
  • Choose one card for your deck
  • Pass the rest to your neighbor
  • Repeat until you have enough cards to make a deck

Since in this format you take cards from all seven players, you do not need to have a big collection of cards yourself. Once you have made your deck, it’s time to battle!

Enter the Coliseum and start battling with other players using your deck. You keep playing until you either win seven games, or lose three. Battle for glory, and of course for loot. Lose all your games without any win and you get a small consolation prize. Win your nine matches and you will get prizes that far exceed your entrance fee.




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