Compete to earn, a new gaming paradigm

Play-to-earn has been the driving force of crypto gaming. Being able to earn money while playing a fun game is something only pro players could dream of before. But thanks to the blockchain revolution, this has become a reality for many.

Introducing, compete to earn!

How can we make the fabulous idea of play to earn be sustainable in the long term? This is the question that pushed us to imagine a new parallel system, the compete to earn system. In the compete to earn system players have to use some of their game assets as a fee to enter into different game modes.
They can buy temporary passes which lets them get into a competition with other players. The winners get to take the most loot, and part of the fee is then retained by the game and used as reward for the play to earn players.
There will also be different tiers of passes, depending on their price these passes will give access to higher rewards game mods and tournaments.

Introducing, the Coliseum!

  • Choose one card for your deck
  • Pass the rest to your neighbor
  • Repeat until you have enough cards to make a deck



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