Combat system: A deep dive

General presentation

In our first “One vs One” mode, the combat system is one of the most important and unique parts of our game design.
Generally, in card games combats happen in turns. In one of the turns you attack, and on the next turn you have to defend. This is different in 9tales!

Game board early design
Core elements of the game board

Simultaneous combats

By taking a closer look at the battle zone we notice that there are 4 sub zones. There is the players (your) attack zone, on the left, which faces the opponent’s defence zone. On the flip side, there is the player defence zone which faces the opponent’s attack zone.

Example of a battle phase (temporary game board and card styles)

Strategy considerations

This new combat system allows the players to make important and strategic choices. Since both players will have to choose their attackers at the same time, there is a simple but primordial question that is asked: “Should I attack with all my strength, or keep some cards for defence?”.
The answer to this question is what will determine great players, and it is an answer that forces you to get into the mind of your opponent. Will he decide to attack? Or will he defend too? Does my opponent think that I will give everything this turn?



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