Episode X : The 9 Outcasts

1 min readNov 13, 2021

Here we meet again fellow Zwarowhs
My seniors, my sworn enemies
For I looked in the holes and in the clouds
To share my sorrow and tell my dreams
Today my quest ends, and begins my conquest
Today we remember, so that we forget
We remember the sins for which we were expelled
The pain of leaving our realms,
Inflicted by the realms who made us who we are.

Look me in the eye
You do not forgive me. That, I know
For I, do not forgive
I can not love your kind
But can I any longer love mine
Here is my hand, my word and my plan
Too old for retribution
Too young to dwell in the caves
And too many scars, to die in a bed
Come, the eight of you
This is not the end
One more battle, on one side
I shall be free by the shining of my sword
And, for I have a tongue and you do not,
I shall one day tell the story of the nine
The day we became nine,
The nine realms, the nine paths
I shall tell the 9 Tales




The tales of a fantasy world, told through an NFT TCG Game. Website: https://9tales.io/