Gameplay tutorial

Brief presentation

The first gameplay mode that will be present in the 9Tales game is a standard PVP (Player Versus Player) 1v1 ranked mode. Most your games will happen against other people. However, it will also be possible to test your skills against a simple artificial intelligence (AI). 1v1 means that you will be playing against only one player at a time. Finally, ranked means that your skills and wit will be measured against opponents of the same skill level as you. There will be a ranking, and the more games you win, the higher you will climb that ranking.

Deck building

Before launching your army into battle, you need to first choose your forces carefully. Your deck of cards will contain forty cards. You can have at most three identical copies of each unique card in your deck. Moreover, some cards are legendary, you can have at most six legendary cards in your deck.

The basic rules

You start the game with twenty health points (HP), and the main way of winning is by getting your opponent health point to zero.

Playing cards

Let’s move on to the fun part : how to actually play cards and annihilate your opponent.

Playing a card always costs one action

So, are all cards the same?

Although all cards only cost one action to play, they are not of the same power level. Stronger cards need more time to prepare!

A card with 2 preparation cost

The camp level

Another important specificity of 9Tales is the camp level.

The fights

Who won this fight?

Spells, effects and keywords

Unlike creature cards, spell cards do not attack or defend. They apply an effect and get discarded after that. Some spells can inflict direct damage to your opponent or his creatures, other spells can make your creatures stronger, but most spells have unique and original effects.

Final words

This is a quick overview of the rules of the 9Tales game. We did not go into the many details and intricacies of the game. The numbers, and maybe even some of the rules presented here will probably be improved when our community starts playing the game and giving us feedback. 9Tales is a collaborative effort between our team and our community!



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