Monthly update 02/2022

An army of artists

Our first focused hirings during this period have been artists. We worked around the clock to find the best artists in the space, and have already started working with them. We are very happy with the positive feedback we got to our sneak peeks:

Talented squire art
A glimpse of our cinematic trailer story board

Preparing the game

We hired three game devs and are looking into adding at least two more in the coming weeks. With that we have already started working on the alpha of the game. We also added two game designers to our team, with their help we managed to nail down the gameplay and design the cards for our first expansion.
Now what is left is testing, testing, and again testing. We are finishing up a prototype of the game which will allow us to test our gameplay online.

A very early design we tried in our first iteration, this is not how the beta will look like !!

Phase 2 and legal hustles

Registering the 9tales company legally took us a bit more time than expected, fortunately with the help of our lawyers we were able to get all the necessary documents. 9tales should be registered as a company with HQ in Paris in the coming weeks. (update: It is done now, we are registered in Paris!)
This step is important because it will allow us to work with multiple entities, such as the AAA outsourcing studios. And, most importantly, it will allow us to get to work with some new “friends” … Maybe you guessed who we are talking about, if not, be patient !

Octo-drake is the humans fiercest weapon



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