Rarity system explained

The generations

There are four different generations of NFTs:

A primordial NFT

The rarity system

This section concerns Primordial, Genesis and Phase 1 NFTs. The Phase 2 NFTs will have a different rarity system.

There are three types of rarity, common, rare, and legendary. An NFT is considered to be rare if at least one of its traits is rare. Similarly it will be considered legendary if at least one of its traits is legendary. If it has no legendary or rare traits, then it is considered common.
The gems on the frame of the NFT determine its rarity: Green for common, blue for rare, and purple for legendary.

A legendary NFT, it has the golden knight shield.

The list of legendary traits is as follow:

The list of rare traits is:

What about the races?

There are nine races in 9tales, and some races have subraces (beastman and elementals). Some races are rarer than others, humans are the least rare and angels are the rarest.

The different races will offer different utility in special upcoming events. This utility is not tied to the NFT rarity explained in the previous section.

We have partnered with Rarity sniper to offer a precise rarity ranking for our NFTs.

You can have an overview of the utility of our NFTs here, in the near future we will write more articles announcing airdrops and exciting events around the 9tales NFTs.

Utility of the rarity

The difference in rarity will influence the quality of airdrops you get and also the amount of boosted earning each player will have.

For instance, a legendary primordial will get a much larger NIT airdrop than a common phase 2 NFT. Same thing for our chests airdrops. The exact percentage difference for different generations and rarities will be announced before each airdrop. But in general drops for Genesis NFTs will contain 5x more rewards than Phase 1 holders which in turn will contain 3x more rewards than Phase 2 NFTs. The rarity of the items in the chest rewards will be influenced by the rarity of the NFT.

This difference in utility will be carried over to our in-game boosts. We stated in our NFT benefits article that In-game token and card drop earnings boost of roughly 10x for every Genesis NFT and 4x for every Phase 1 NFT you hold. This is the number for common NFTs, there will be a multiplicative factor of 10 for legendary NFTs and 3 for rare NFTs.
For instance, holding a rare Genesis NFT will boost your earning by a factor of 30x. Primordial NFTs will have a 50x base multiplication factor.

All these number are subject to change during our open beta, we might make them higher or lower them a bit in order to keep the game healthy. But as a general rule our NFT holders will be massively rewarded in our play&earn ecosystem.



The tales of a fantasy world, told through an NFT TCG Game. Website: https://9tales.io/

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