Tracking a hacker that stole $10M from NFT projects


  • We were able to find and report a scammer who stole at least 10 million dollars from dozens of projects, including @BoredApeYC discord hack.
  • We waited for more than a month for an investigation to get going, but nothing seems to be moving. In the meantime the scammer kept stealing and made millions more .
  • Our goal is to get victims and competent people to come together and start a prosecution
Scam announcement posted by the hacker on our website
Post-hack announcement about refunds
Fake website with the “Drag Me” button trick phishing discord tokens
Discord profile of the hacker
Hacker stating that he stole over 10m with his friends
A wallet of the hacker he shared during a call with one of the founders
Mapping of scammer wallets by @Zackxbt
Picture sent by the hacker showing his conversation with the co-founder on discord, and a towel.
Discussion between our co-founder and the hacker
Hacker stating that he was behind the Mad Meerkat hack few moments after the hack happened



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