Compete to earn vs play&earn: A deep dive

A chart reviewing the different earning paths in 9Tales

Play & Earn

The Play & Earn system represents our revenue sharing model for casual players. In the play & earn system you will be able to earn rewards in the form of: NIT (our native token), Cards, Cosmetics and more…

Rewards table:

Compete to earn

Compete to earn is a different ecosystem inside 9Tales. One can choose to never play in the Compete to earn game modes, or to play exclusively in those, it is all a matter of personal choice.

Early design of Divine Shards

Coliseum rewards:

For the coliseum, you will need 1000 Divine Shards to enter a game. You can for instance get those Divine Shards by buying ten card packs, each pack costs 2 dollars. When you do so, on top of the 5 cards that you get in your pack and that you can use in the game, you will earn 100 Divine Shards that will be credited to your account and that you can use to play a game of Coliseum. You can also get those shards through different means: As part of the rewards of a battle pass, or by buying cosmetics for instance.

Coliseum reward tiers


Can a free to play player enjoy 9tales and earn from it?

Yes! Free to play players will have access to free cards (which will not be NFTs), they will then be able to complete missions in order to get more non-NFT free cards, but they will also have the chance for the most skilled of them to earn some NFT cards and Divine Shards. Of course, getting to a point where you can earn a living through 9Tales as a free to play player will not be easy, but it will definitely be possible.

Where do the rewards come from?

The rewards come from a revenue sharing model, each time a player buys items in the 9Tales ecosystem, part of the money he spends is taken and used for the play & earn rewards and the compete to earn rewards. Players will have incentives to buy assets in 9Tales either to get a full collection of cards, to collect rare items and cosmetics, or to get Divine Shards in order to be able to compete in the different game modes.

You talked about a pass system for compete to earn, is that still on?

After reviewing our compete to earn paradigm we have decided to opt for the Divine Shards system. This allows us to rewards players for different actions they do in the game, and will make it easier for anyone to try out the compete to earn game modes whenever he wants to.


The current rewards structures in play&earn and compete to earn are the teams projections based on different scenarios and design choices. These numbers might change by the time of the full release of the game, they might also change (increase or decrease) during the open beta version of the game as we work on improving the sustainability of the economy.



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